Published by Eric Lascelles, Chief Economist, RBC Global Asset Management on Aug 25, 2015

FALLING FINANCIAL MARKETS   August 24, 2015   Eric Lascelles, Chief Economist, RBC Global Asset Management   Equity markets have fallen sharply over the last week, with the S&P 500 entering correction... Continue reading

CI Investments-weekly commentary

Published by Craig Coulls on Aug 10, 2015

    Weekly Commentary – August 10, 2015 Alfred Lam, MBA, CFA Senior Vice President, Investment Consulting Sean May, MA, CFP, CIM, FCSI Investment Counsellor Richard J. Wylie, MA, CFA Vice President, Investment... Continue reading

What 'No' Means After Greece's Referendum

Published by Dynamic Funds on Jul 06, 2015

Another timely piece on the current situation involving Greece.   Analysis The Greeks have voted no. After a week of speculation, rumors, threats, and pro- and anti-agreement demonstrations, early results... Continue reading

Grexit & Current Volatility

Published by Manulife Investments on Jul 02, 2015

"Markets are selling off due to the uncertainty regarding the outcome of the Greek referendum that has been called for this upcoming Sunday. The government hopes that the referendum will be viewed as ... Continue reading